UNLV student, Ana Katarina Charvet, Won the 2017 ACA World Championship

Oct. 24, 2017

Las Vegas native and UNLV student, Ana Katarina Charvet, known by her friends as Kai, prepped for months to compete in the 2017 ACA World Championship. Her dedication definitely paid off. Little did she know that her hard work would win her the first place prize and a $7,000 scholarship!


The judges of the July 2017 Adobe Certified Associate World Championship clearly agreed that UNLV freshman graphic design major Ana Catarina Charvet’s entry was the former. In fact, they liked it so much that they gave her the first place prize over 110,000 other students from 67 countries, making her not only the first person from Las Vegas, but the first American, to win the honor.


Charvet considers how other artists incorporate elements of design. She particularly admires artists from the pop and contemporary art movements and cites Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and Andy Warhol as her biggest inspirations.


She worries over those technical details when she’s putting her work together — including her victory at the Adobe Certified Associate World Championship.


The competition required Charvet to design a poster for a nonprofit organization, Iridescent, which focuses on developing children’s math and science skills. The final product she turned in had to be print-ready and in digital format, and completed on an eight-hour deadline. This is the fifth year Adobe has held this competition.


Charvet described struggling to come up with a design for about 20 minutes, then having the piece fall together when she calmed down and was finally able to visualize what she wanted to create.


The final product feels like looking at a three-dimensional image without wearing 3-D glasses, with red and yellow geometric shapes surrounding a girl inspecting more shapes.


“I was inspired by geometry and shapes used in blueprints, which coincided with the concepts in math and engineering that Iridescent aims to teach its students,” she said. 

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