UNLV Philosophy Students Win Departmental Awards

Jul. 2, 2020

Outstanding Graduating Philosophy Major – Michael Lehavi

Academic Excellence Graduating Major – Eric Anderson; Cameron Farella; Michael Lehavi; and Samson Whetstone

William James Essay Contest – winner Emmanuel Yirdaw, for "Freedom, Authenticity, and Virtue: Towards an Existentialist Ethics"

Honorable Mentions to James Marmaduke for a paper on interpreting Charles Peirce's The Fixation of Belief and to Samson Whetstone for "Who Is To Be Master – or – A  Labyrinth with No Center"

Best Paper in Contemporary Philosophy – Emmanuel Yirdaw

Excellence in Political Philosophy Immigration – Samantha Sandoval

Excellence in American Philosophy – Manuel Castellanos

Excellence in Philosophy of Language Fall 2019 – Daniel Harty

Excellence in Ethical Theory – Loren Dilger; Adrina Ghafoori; and Jeanette Marquez

Excellence in Engineering Ethics – Amelia Prowant

Excellence in Introduction to Philosophy – Valeria Aguilera; Noah Ahmed; Yussuf Khan; Tristan Paul Tully; and Celeste Tuman

Best Paper in Philosophy of Language – NoVice Inga

Excellence in Science Fiction and Philosophy – Noah Ahmed, and Kai Okagawa