UNLV Now in Step 2 of Restarting Research Activity

Oct. 29, 2020

Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development Lori Olafson and Associate Vice President for Research Dave Hatchett developed a three-step approach to restarting university research activity at UNLV based on the guidelines outlined by the APLU’s Council on Research The plan identified general guidelines and guiding principles for Safe Laboratory Practices, Safe Practices for Human Subjects, and Safe Practices for Conducting Field Studies.

Hatchett said shutting down all research due to COVID-19 would have impacted research that requires daily monitoring, and he says in some cases it could have resulted in the loss of a lifetime of research activity.

“Our goal was to require faculty to define the standard operating procedures that would allow research to continue with proper safety measures in place.” 

The Division of Research officially began Step 2 on August 17.

Forms for restarting research can be found at https://www.unlv.edu/news-story/unlv-guide-restarting-research and require signatures from PIs and Deans before work can resume. For more information about restarting research contact Dave Hatchett at dave.hatchett@unlv.edu.