UNLV Launches New Website with Available Technologies

Jul. 15, 2015

The UNLV Office of Economic Development has launched a new website to serve as a hub for businesses and others to learn about the university’s cutting-edge intellectual property in life sciences, energy and the environment, medical devices, computers, chemistry, nanotechnology, engineering, and other areas of interest.

This new online database describes UNLV technologies that are available for licensing purposes and/or research partnerships.

The website offers research summaries, inventor profiles, patent numbers, and other information designed to provide marketing benefits. The data is sorted by subject category and is searchable by subject or by researcher.  

“This is a great opportunity to share essential information about UNLV research that has significant commercial potential,” says Zach Miles, executive director of UNLV’s Office of Economic Development. “We are excited to be able to provide this useful tool in driving economic development and technology transfer.”

For more information about UNLV's available technologies or other economic development opportunities, call the Office of Economic Development at 702-895-5200.