UNLV Health Centers Update - Pharmacy and Mental Health Resources

Mar. 24, 2020

Dear Campus Community,


We know there is concern and anxiety about the continuing changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, both on our campus and in the community. The health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority.

UNLV Health Centers is pleased to provide the following updates.

Student Wellness Pharmacy
The Student Wellness Pharmacy will be open to serve UNLV students, faculty, staff and dependents on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., as long as medications and supplies remain available. The Pharmacy is located in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC).  

When you visit the pharmacy, keep in mind the building is locked but there is a doorbell and signage at the west doors (facing the Tropicana Parking Garage). Please ring the doorbell when you arrive and someone will let you in. Please bring your UNLV ID. You will need to show it to enter the building.  

The pharmacy offers prescription medications, as well as a limited supply of over-the-counter medications and thermometers available for purchase. Please call the pharmacy to be sure that the item you are looking for is in stock and the pharmacy is open before you visit. 

To reach the pharmacy, call (702) 895-0278. For tele-medicine services, students can contact the Student Health Center at (702) 895-3370, and faculty and staff can contact the Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center (702) 895-0630.

 TAO online mental health and wellness resource

In recognition of COVID-19 and the related disruptions it may have on the emotional wellbeing of the campus community, Student Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is pleased to announce that a free self-help library is now available to UNLV students, faculty, and staff.  

TAO is an online library of engaging, interactive resources to help manage anxiety, depression and other common concerns. In TAO self-help, you can watch short videos and complete skill building exercises. TAO can help you quickly learn new skills that have a lasting impact. 

Here are the steps to get you started in TAO:

  1. Visit taoconnect.org and click on the ‘Sign Up in Self-Help with an Institution’ button.
  2. You will be routed to the TAO Self-Help Welcome page. Click on the ‘Sign me up’ button.
  3. Enter your name and email address on the enrollment form (use your university email address).
  4. Leave the ‘Enrollment Key’ field blank. Fill out the demographics and Informed Consent form, and click ‘Sign Me Up!’
  5. Check your email. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Click the link in the email to login, and change your password to set up your account.
  6. You’re ready to go! 

For additional information on mental health and coping with COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.

UNLV employees can also find support through the EAP (LifeWorks)  program. 


Jamie Davidson, PhD, FACHA
UNLV Associate Vice President for Student Wellness
Licensed Psychologist