UNLV Fosters Cross-Cultural Relationship with SeoulTech University

Students, faculty, and staff follow project presentations with a luncheon.

Jul. 26, 2018


Cultural exchange program brings 25 students from Seoul National University to UNLV.

Separated by six-thousand miles, Las Vegas and Seoul have more in common than you think. Both boast a rich nightlife, a rapidly growing population, multiple sources of entertainment, and have emerged as powerful international destinations. With these ties shared, few people imagine another bond merging the two cities—higher education.

In summer, students from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) visited UNLV to learn about the university and its current developments in the engineering program. SeoulTech specializes in technology, engineering, design, and was listed among the top five in Reuter’s annual ranking of Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities. The collaboration between the two universities marked a unique moment for the College of Engineering as they continue to recruit students and work on becoming a widely recognized research hub.

Students were given the opportunity to participate in an event similar to the College’s most notable occasion, the Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition. While many engineering schools have had events similar to the Senior Design Competition, this was the first year international students were on site to share their projects. Their designs followed suit with the guidelines given to UNLV students—create a practical, real-world solution to an engineering or computer challenge. Each student collaborated with their team to plan, design, and develop prototypes that tested their knowledge in their respective fields.

“I didn’t know much about computer engineering, but by doing this project I can develop practical knowledge in various engineering fields,” Yeolim Hong told Channel 8 News.

Projects included an electric bike and a drone-based transportation system between blood banks and hospitals. The teams followed their presentations with a Q&A where they provided further details of their project. Students also toured the College and explored labs and classrooms while learning about different engineering programs at UNLV.

Currently, the College of Engineering assists international undergraduate students with short-term research internships and facilitates their enrollment in a variety of expertise areas.

For more information on all of the College’s international student programs, please contact Jaekeun Cho at jaekeun.cho@unlv.edu.

This story was written by undergraduate English student Jocelyn Silva.