UNLV Engineering seeks $500,000 state funding for Institute for Big Data

Jun. 16, 2016

Seeking to help Nevada compete in a world increasingly ruled by statistics and strings of code, UNLV is proposing an interdisciplinary institute to broaden its big-data program and forge partnerships with local industries.

The Institute for Big Data represents the latest effort to expand UNLV’s infrastructure for data analytics. Last year, the university turned on a 26,000-core supercomputer, known as Cherry Creek II, that helps researchers do complex computation with large data sets. 

The institute also would work with industry partners to meet specific data needs. It could, for instance, create a specialized data system for gaming or a platform geared toward testing autonomous vehicles.

In its proposal, UNLV identified four industries it plans to work with — gaming, hospitality, health care and advanced mobility — and listened a number of partners who have expressed interest in the program.

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