UNLV DMA Students Selected to Write Articles for International Wind Music Research Journal

Jun. 3, 2021


UNLV DMA performance students Marta Plominska and Dawid Mzyk have been selected by the International Society for Research and Promotion of Wind Music (IGEB) to write scholarly articles for its upcoming publication project The Wind Music Companion.

The Wind Music Companion, written by leading experts, will be an edition in two volumes. It will offer accessible studies about historical, instrumental and ethnological topics, and introduce new social, aesthetical and pedagogical aspects. The volumes will be written in English, containing approx. 450 pages with photos, illustrations, tables and musical examples.

Trombonist Dawid Mzyk’s article is “Eastern European Communism and Wind Music.”

Marta Plominska, flutist, will be authoring the article: “Wind Music in the Communist Context Observable in Flute Sonatinas by Polish Composers – Tadeusz Kassern, Wojciech Kilar and Alexandre Tansman.”

The publication date has not yet been set, but the IGEB is working with publishers to finalize details.

Marta and Dawid extend their gratitude to UNLV musicology/ ethnomusicology professor Dr. Richard Miller, flute professor Dr. John McMurtrey, and trombone professor Nathan Tanouye for their guidance and support.


The International Society for Research and Promotion of Wind Music (IGEB) was founded in 1974 at the first scientific congress for the exploration of wind music at the Conservatory for Music and the Performing Arts (presently the University for Music and the Performing Arts) in Graz, Austria. As early as 1966 a small circle of wind-music researchers, performers and amateurs had met in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart to establish a "Committee for the Investigation of Wind Music," the result being IGEB.

The aim of the society is the exploration of all aspects of wind music by means of international congresses at which musicologists, conductors, interested musicians and amateurs can exchange ideas and knowledge. A series of publications, Alta Musica, provides for the dissemination of research on a wide variety of topics dealing with wind music. At present, over 400 members from more than 30 countries belong to IGEB.

Congratulations, Marta and Dawid- you continue to inspire and amaze us!