UNLV Currently Ineligible for Certain NIH Grants

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Jul. 4, 2018

UNLV is currently ineligible for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) R15 funding that is competitively offered to educational institutions. This includes the UNLV School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dental Medicine, and any other UNLV health professional schools. Ineligibility is a result of UNLV receiving significant funding from NIH that pushes our university above the qualification limit defined by NIH.

The NIH funding that currently makes UNLV ineligible for the NIH AREA (R15) grants include the recent $11.4 million COBRE award as well as other NIH Research Project (RO1) grants. This ineligibility lasts for a period of one year beginning April 2018 through March 2019. However, there is a strong likelihood that this ineligibility will continue beyond the one-year period, given that many of UNLV's NIH awards were recently received and are 3- to 4-year grants.

Based on the R15 AREA Program Institutional Eligibility website, the UNLV School of Medicine cannot be considered separately from the "Other Academic" component because it hasn't yet received full accreditation and its professional degrees are conferred by UNLV. Therefore, the UNLV School of Medicine is ineligible for AREA funding in the previously defined year. Similarly, because the professional degrees for both the UNLV School of Nursing and the UNLV School of Dental Medicine professional degrees are conferred by UNLV and not the individual health professional schools, these schools are also ineligible for this type of funding.