UNLV College of Engineering Sees Increase in Scholarly Publications

Jun. 15, 2020


In 2013, UNLV redoubled its efforts to promote superior research, creative, and scholarly pursuits. Efforts made by the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering have been instrumental to this endeavor and are reflected in the exponential growth of engineering professors’ work being published in scholarly journals and conferences over the past 5+ years.

Since 2014, the number of articles published in academic journals has increased by 52.17% and Conference papers published by 400%. Additionally, faculty members average approximately 2.5 articles per year. This significant increase has been a result of multiple initiatives to boost research activity from the College, such as the Engineering Scholar Award, Distinguished Researcher Awards, and other distinguished recognitions. 

We thank our faculty and students for their outstanding work in areas of research that serve our communities at large.

Highlights of growth 2014-2019:

College of Engineering
Journals – 52% increase
Conference Papers – 400% increase

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Management
Journals – 220% increase

Computer Science
Conference Papers – 189% increase

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Conference Papers – 200%

Mechanical Engineering
Journals – 100% Increase