UNLV Business Startup Center Hosts Startup Weekend

Dec. 3, 2013

UNLV's Business Startup Center recently hosted the Startup Weekend, a global event sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation that challenges entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, marketers, designers and other startup enthusiasts to come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups, all in a 54-hour, weekend-long event. Approximately 50 people participated in teams, with almost half being UNLV students, and about 60 additional people attended to watch the final pitches. Each of the top three teams had UNLV students on the team.Beginning with open-mic pitches on Friday, attendees brought their best ideas and worked to inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday the teams focused on customer development, validating their ideas, andĀ building a minimally viable product. On Sunday evening teams demonstrated their prototypes and received valuable feedback from a panel of experts, including the judges who choose the competition winners. Below are the top three teams and a brief description of their projects:

1) IceTrey -- A technology that allows event or conference attendees to "break the ice" by meeting two or three like-minded individuals online prior to the event, so no one has to walk in without knowing at least a couple of people.

2) Taunts! -- A zany mobile device game of "taunts" where players throw pies, cause distractions, or other comedic screen interactions while also trying to clear as many of the taunts thrown their way.

3) Neighborhood Conquest -- A check-in game based on Four Square Check in technology, but where participants "battle" for areas that they've checked in on their mobile device in a Risk-type strategy game, but for real areas on a map.

For more information, contact the UNLV Business Startup Center Director Justin McVay at [email protected].