UNLV Anthropology Students Awarded Friends of World Anthropology Scholarships

Jun. 4, 2017

Several of our students have been awarded Friends of World Anthropology Scholarships for the following projects:

Maryann Calleja - Indicators of Health in Relation to Climate: Creating Bioarchaeological Baselines for Ancient Arabian Research

Claira Ralston - The Belen Plaza Vieja Preservation Project: Excavation, Preservation, and Conservation of a Historic Genizaro Community

Tim McHale (Travel Award) - Travel to Professional Conference Proposal: Human Behavior and Evolution Society Presenter and Conference Attendee, Boise University

Kristen Herlosky - Spatial Cognition and Navagation (SCAN) Among Hadza Children

Congratulations to our award winners and we look forward to the results of your exciting projects!