UNLV’s College of Engineering Announces New Lecture Forum: Conversations with Nevada Pioneers

Feb. 11, 2011

Las Vegas – Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 6:00 p.m., the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering presents its Conversations Series to the Las Vegas community. The series enhances the mission of the college which is, "to educate the future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs while discovering, integrating, and applying new engineering and computer science knowledge in service to society."  By engaging the public and other colleges on the campus, the Conversations Series allows for the cross-disciplinary exploration of the contributions of engineering in a historical and regional context. 

This year's initial series will be, Conversations with Nevada Pioneers. The series explores the impact of engineering on the history of Nevada and the industries that helped to grow the region.  The richness of engineering's role in our state history, in many respects, is an untold story; from the engineering feats associated War activities at the Nevada Test Site and Groom Lake, to the development of a technologically advanced gaming and tourism industry, nevada's legacy is founded on engineering innovation.

The first program features Mr. Troy E. Wade, former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Defense Programs and Chairman of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation.  Mr. Wade is also the founder of the Nevada Alliance for Defense, Energy, and Business, a group of more than twenty technology companies that support the Nevada National Security Site and help bring new science and technology programs to Nevada. 

Introducing Mr. Wade will be General Scott Smith, Executive Director of UNLV's Institute for Security Studies and moderating the event is Dr. Dina Titus, professor of Political Science at UNLV.

"Conversations" differs from a traditional lecture format in that it promotes a legitimate forum for conversation between the audience and the speaker.  In this sense, it is structured much like a town hall meeting. Yearly themes are selected to focus on larger concepts that are both timely and pertinent to the college, its students, and the community.

Who: Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

What: Conversations with Nevada Pioneers

Atomic Nevada: A Conversation With Mr. Troy E. Wade, Moderated by Dr. Dina Titus

Where: Science and Engineering Building (seb) Auditorium, on the UNLV campus

When: 6:00pm Wine & Cheese Reception- Program begins promptly at 6:30pm, Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

Guest parking is available on the top two levels of the North parking garage located off of Maryland Parkway and Cottage Grove.

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