University Gateway Parking Garage to Open Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct. 5, 2016
Parking and Transportation Services is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the University Gateway Parking Garage on Monday, October 10, 2016.  This new 610 UNLV allocated space garage is located on Maryland Parkway, across from Smashburger and just south of Maryland and University Road.  This facility will be a University owned garage, which began as a two phase public/private partnership almost two years ago.  The second phase of this project will include a variety of new retail spaces by the developer between the building and Maryland Parkway, along with first level space for the relocation of the UNLV Police Services Department.
The entrance to this garage will be on Dorothy Avenue on the south side of the building from Maryland Parkway (shown in red at the above link).  Parking will be available to all UNLV valid permit holders in most locations, with the exception of the first floor, the ramp leading to the second floor, or the top floor, as these spaces are reserved for future development retail parking and are not part of the UNLV allocated spaces.  Directional signs in and around the facility will alert you to the proper places to park.  Parking staff will be available during the first two weeks of opening to answer any questions or if you need assistance.
Please use the intersection signal at University Road and Maryland Parkway when crossing to the campus side of the street rather than using the pedestrian crossing farther north (shown in blue at the above link).  This provides more stable traffic when crossing.  Definitely do not cross at unmarked or non-signalized locations.
Any questions can also be directed to Parking and Transportation Services at 702-895-1300.