Two Gender and Sexuality Studies graduates highlighted

May. 19, 2017

Blaine Pennock was accepted with full funding at the University of Arizona, University of Oregon, University of Victoria, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and University of Toronto. They will start at the University of Oregon in September with Dr. CJ Pascoe as their main advisor, and they were awarded the Promising Scholar Award, a $5,000 scholarship to allow them to do academic research during their first summer in residency. They were also awarded the $1,000 Robert C. Maxon Graduate Student Scholarship from UNLV’s chapter 100 of Phi Kappa Phi, which nominated them for a chance at a $5,000 fellowship from the national PKP organization.

"I would like to thank Dr. Georgiann Davis, Dr. Marcia Gallo, Dr. Manoucheka Celeste, and Dr. Danielle Roth-Johnson for their wisdom, patience, and humor over the past three years, and for answering questions before I realized I needed to ask them. Thank you!" - Blaine Pennock 


Briceida Hernandez-Toledo was accepted to the Feminist Ph.D program at the University of Minnesota. They were awarded the DOVE Fellowship ($25,000 for the first year) as well as 4 additional years of full funding and support. They were also accepted at the Chicana/o Studies Ph.D program at the University of California, Los Angeles. There, they were awarded the Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship, which is a package of 2 years of fellowship funding and 2 years of departmental funding ($25,000/yr). 

"I decided to attend the Chicana/o Studies Ph.D program and I am excited to be a part of the strong scholar-activist network and comunidad in Los Angeles. I wouldn't have survived along the educational pipeline without the support of my womyntor Dr. Anita Revilla, my muxerista familia, and my parents, Evangelina y Reynaldo. For them, I am eternally grateful." - Briceida Hernandez-Toledo