Traffic Stop Training for UNLV Police Services to be Conducted on Campus Today

Jul. 30, 2018



As part of UNLV Police Services’ annual officer training, the department will be conducting traffic stop training today on the fourth floor of the Cottage Grove Parking Garage from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please also note officers will be in and around the second floor of the Science and Engineering Building (SEB), utilizing the conference space as a staging area. This training will be conducted on Mondays for the next three weeks at the same time each week. The training is not to be confused with the active shooter simulation training that our officers will also undergo later this week on Thursday. The active shooter simulation training will be conducted on Thursdays for the next three weeks.

The training at the Cottage Grove Garage today will involve multiple police vehicles with their light bars activated. This is for the training only. There is no emergency. Members of the campus community are asked to avoid the area during this training.