Text-a-Tip to UPD

Mar. 10, 2020


University Police Services (UPD) is pleased to launch Text-a-Tip, a new text only crime tip service, now available across CSN, DRI, NSC, and UNLV campuses. Please note Text-a-Tip should only be used for non-emergency reports. You can use Text-a-Tip to report suspicious activities seen on campus, such as: theft, vandalism, break-ins, disorderly sports fans, and more. Text-a-Tip can also be used to help prevent crimes on campus by reporting incidents before they escalate and by helping UPD spot suspicious behaviors. You do not have to subscribe to this service or be registered with our emergency alert system to use Text-a-Tip.

How to Use Text-a-Tip:

  1. Enter 79516 in the “to” line
  2. Start your message with one of the keywords below based on your campus tip location, followed by a space, and then your crime tip information:

Example: UPDUNLV suspicious person trying door handles in Cottage Grove parking 3rd floor green jacket black pants

This message is sent directly to UPD Dispatch and appropriate action will be taken. You may be contacted by UPD for additional information.

Text-A-Tip has proved an effective tool on college campuses and assists UPD in our mission to strengthen public safety initiatives.  You can also continue to submit your tips online at updsouth.nevada.edu or via the UNLV RebelSAFE or CSN MobileSAFETY apps.

*Individuals requesting immediate action should call 911 or UPD at 702-895-3669.