Tales from the COVID-19 lockdown: Paul Tzanetopoulos, Digital Painter, Public Artist, Educator (Art '75)

Apr. 2, 2020


Here's a Covid-19 shutdown update from another notable Rebel Fine Arts alumnus, L.A. studio and public artist Paul Tzanetopoulos (Art '75). It's a much different story, as Paul's studio is a part of his home in beautiful Silver Lake (porch views included here) which he shares with his performer wife Linden Waddell.

"I hope you’re doing well. I am a full-time teacher as well as a studio artist so I have been implementing remote classes in photography and film and media using existing school-wide online platforms. Since I am profoundly dyslexic my daughter is typing this as my wife/studio manager has broken her wrist so I will keep this short.

As for my studio work, I have been in touch with my gallery and I typically have a number of series of work going on simultaneously as I work in a number of media. I am working on a new exhibition that should showcase a new electronic painting I just completed. This show should also feature work related to the series so we have to figure out what examples I might put in the gallery.

My ongoing work is developing new 2D and 3D paintings moving forward. My media work on two fronts is still restoring early work digitized in the last 10 years. And of course new video work is on two fronts, one is relatively straight forward video formats, the other is multi-screen projections and flat screens. So I have plenty to do as usual, working at home in my case is truly lucky as all three of my studios are on my property in Los Angeles."