Tales from the COVID-19 lockdown: Noelle Garcia, Artist (Art MFA '12)

Apr. 7, 2020

This C-19 shutdown report from Chicago's Noelle Garcia (Art MFA '12) is reflective of what we fear too many of our Fine Arts Alumni are facing right now:

"I’m a Teaching Artist with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I’m also adjunct Faculty with National Louis University and a fine artist, exhibiting at various institutions. I have been preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition at UMass Lowell. I currently work as an independent teaching artist at multiple organizations.

I had been awarded an Illinois state grant to fund supplies and travel to an artist residency at UCross Foundation. I was planning on using time and resources to complete new work for my upcoming solo exhibition at UMass Lowell. Since Covid has prompted lock downs my residency has been cancelled. I will no longer be able to accept grant funds awarded for the residency.

Additionally, my husband has lost his job which provided our healthcare. Without access to healthcare I may not be able to manage my epilepsy and asthma without medication."