"Surviving An Active Shooter" Video Available for Viewing

Sep. 5, 2018


UNLV CSUN student government has produced an active shooter safety video in cooperation with the UNLV Department of Police Services. The video is six minutes in length, and it can be viewed online. It is the hope of both UNLV CSUN and the UNLV Department of Police Services that this valuable video will provide members of the campus community with important knowledge regarding how they can keep themselves safe in the event of an active shooter. This video was intended to serve as an educational tool for the campus community, and it is now being actively used in Police Services' campus crime prevention and safety seminars with students, faculty, and staff. It is also posted on UNLV's RebelSAFE registration webpage, and it will be introduced to UNLV's First Seminars in the near future to educate incoming students.

It is important to note that active shooter situations are rare on college campuses; however, your UNLV Police Department is fully armed and trained to handle these situations. They are trained on an annual basis and have conducted training with Las Vegas Metro SWAT. Furthermore, UNLV has put in place a RebelSAFE Alert System to alert students, faculty, and staff to any threat detected on the campus. You can learn more about this on the RebelSAFE Alert webpage. Campus community groups interested in receiving active shooter safety presentations from the UNLV Department of Police Services can contact Hobreigh Fischer at (702) 895-1302 or hobreigh.fischer@unlv.edu.

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