Support the study of digital storytelling at UNLV!

Mar. 15, 2016

Dr. Amy Green, Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the English Department, seeks crowd funding support for an innovative pilot program that would facilitate gaming access for students interested in studying digital storytelling in her courses. Successful funding of the program will allow Dr. Green to purchase gaming equipment and games that students can check out and use in the library, as they would other course reserve items. The library will offer students several places to play, including a private media room that would allow students to play together, sharing a sense of community and learning. Many outstanding digital stories are limited only to gaming consoles, like the Playstation 4, but right now, such outstanding materials are not assigned to students due to cost concerns. This program would eliminate those concerns, as students would have the option of being able to access course materials at the library. This expanded access will only help to facilitate Dr. Green’s ability to create compelling courses combining the study of traditional literature and digital narratives. She has already had great success in her current courses combining these two storytelling forms, including a World Literature/BioShock course and a course studying horror in literature and gaming.

Dr. Green is utilizing Rebel Raiser, UNLV’s new crowd funding platform, to generate funds for this project. The link to her project is here and it contains an in-depth explanation of the pilot program as well as multi-media content to get the UNLV community excited about helping fund this project in full. She is grateful for your support.