S/U Grading Option - Fall 20

Dec. 15, 2020


As your fall grades are being recorded we wanted to remind you of the S/U grading option for the fall semester.
After grades post this week you will be able to locate the Online Grade Basis Change Form in the UNLV Self-Service Center to request the change to S/U grading (be sure to use ACE login option). This form will be available from December 16 with a deadline to submit the request on December 31 by 5 pm.    
To request a "S" the minimum grade you need is a D- anything below a D- you can request a "U".  The S/U grading does not help or hurt your GPA or Grade Point Balances. For the S/U grading as long as you get an "S" in a course this will meet the prerequisite requirement for the course and you will be able to move forward in your courses and degree progress. 
If you are receiving scholarships or financial aid please contact the Financial Aid Office to see if S/U grading will affect your spring awarding.
Here is a short video explaining the S/U policy and things to think about when requesting the change.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your academic advisor with those questions so you are informed.