Students Bring Literature and Art to Life in ‘Choreographic Collaboration’

Jun. 22, 2017


UNLV English and dance department students teamed up for a “Choreographic Collaboration” that brought classic literature to life through art and movement. The collaboration culminated in performances in the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art this spring.

World literature and choreography students worked in teams to explore myths and cultural contexts in world literature and create a collaborative movement performance. The four myths studied were Dante’s Divine Comedy (Italy), Kebra Nagast (Ethiopia), Monkey: Journey to the West (China), and Ramayana (India).

The project represents a unique collaboration across disciplines, said Roberta Sabbath, part-time instructor of English, who teamed up with colleagues in the Department of Dance and the Barrick Museum to bring the project to fruition.

“I love dance. My theme for Second-Year Seminar is dance and performance,” Sabbath said. “This allows for conversations about emotions and the appreciation of art. What could be better?”

She said the collaboration gave students the opportunity to polish skills such as oral performance and teamwork as well as meet University and Second-Year Seminar learning objectives.

Collaborators included:

-Margot Mink Colbert, assistant chair and professor of dance

-Richard Havey, affiliate associate professor of dance

-Heng-Wei Cheng, library technician 2, Lied Library

-Alisha Kerlin, interim director, Barrick Museum

-Deanne Sole, research and educational engagement, Barrick Museum

-Lee Cannarozzo, art history student and museum curator for Salvador Dali’s illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Click on the following links to view the performances:

Performance 1

Performance 2