A Student from UNLV International Gaming Institute’s Gaming Innovation Class is Making His Mark on the Industry

Sep. 28, 2018

Written by Nicole Schultz, Global Gaming Capital Coordinator, International Gaming Institute

The gaming industry is rapidly evolving to appeal to an increasingly diverse customer base. Enter: UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) and the Gaming Innovation class. As a student at UNLV, Harold Moret was given the tools to bring the classic game of dominoes to the casino floor. Currently making waves in the industry, Casino Dominoes recently launched a trial run at The Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, with talk of expanding to other jurisdictions across the US.

The Gaming Innovation class is a unique opportunity for UNLV students of all majors and gaming industry executives alike to design their own gambling games, apparatuses, or other related technologies. The best part? Those interested in taking the class do not need to have an idea for a product or consider themselves inventors. The first few weeks of the course give students the tools they need to begin thinking like innovators, learning game design tips and how to turn ideas into patentable products that churn out real profit for their creators. To date, students from the class have filed more than 40 patent applications, resulting in eight issued patents and seven commercialized games.

"Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned what’s quickly becoming my reality. A pending patent and several casinos interested in MY game, with quite a few more on the horizon. IGI’s Gaming Innovation class is a program that shows you how to structure, organize, create, innovate, and levitate your game."

Combining luck and strategy, Casino Dominoes uses the scoring rules for All Fives Dominoes but replaces the traditional tiles with playing cards. Each player is dealt three domino cards and a single domino connector card, all face up. To win, the player must match a connector domino card with one or more dominoes in their hand to form a point total of 5,10, or 15. 

And so far, Casino Dominoes has taken the industry by storm. Demonstrating the casino industry’s need for rapid innovation, the game appeals to a widespread audience—those who play traditional dominoes, millennials seeking more skill-based games, and even those looking for a unique table game experience.

For more information about the Gaming Innovation class or to enroll, visit unlv.edu/igi/cgi or email cgi@unlv.edu.