Stream Now: UNLV Composition Student's Score for New Film

Aug. 6, 2018

The My Name is Art short film score can now be streamed!

The score was produced by Chuck Foley and Brooke Herndon at the UNLV School of Music Recording Studio, and was composed by Brooke Herndon during Spring Semester 2018.

The film recently won Best Narrative Short at the Orleans at the Silver State Film Festival on September 9, and available on Amazon October 1.

The musicians featured are as follows:

Anastasia Motiti – Flute and Piccolo

Bonson Lee – Soprano and Tenor Saxophone

Kevin Tumbagahan – Alto Saxophone

Brooke Herndon – Piano

Hunter Rose Turner – Vocals

Adam Stiber – Cello

Emily Montoya Barnes – Harp

Alexandria Pritchard – Violin & Viola

If you purchase the album on Bandcamp, you will receive two bonus items:
-Video excerpt of film with Score-Only Audio (SPOILER ALERT!)
-Full Transposed Film Score