Spring 2020 Graduate College Medallion Recipients

Apr. 30, 2020

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the Spring 2020 Graduate College Medallion recipients, who are exceptionally involved during their time as graduate students at UNLV.

The Graduate College is also pleased to recognize the Spring 2020 Distinguished Service Medallion recipients, Dr. Carolyn Reedom and Janis Riceberg, for their service to the Graduate College as the founding chair and vice chair of the Dean's Leadership Council.

Student Medallions are given in the semester students graduate. This semester's recipients are:

  • Johanna Andrews, Public Health Ph.D.
  • Kavita Batra, Public Health Ph.D. 
  • Carlos Cisneros, Social Work M.S.W. 
  • Patrick Daleiden, Computer Science Ph.D.
  • Philip Danquah, Public Health Ph.D.
  • Marina Galante, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Milia Heen, Criminology & Criminal Justice Ph.D.
  • Mike Isaacs, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Monia Kazemeini, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Eun Joo (EJ) Kim, Hospitality Administration Ph.D.
  • Holly Martin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Austin McKenna, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
  • Jessica Nave-Blodgett, Psychology Ph.D.
  • John Olawepo, Public Health Ph.D.
  • Wendy Schuchart Wimmer, English Ph.D.
  • Brooke Wolfe, Communication Studies M.A.

Learn more about the Medallion program.