Spring 2019 Student Health Insurance Waivers Due Feb. 27

Nov. 14, 2018


The student health insurance waiver period for graduate and professional students for the spring 2019 semester is Nov. 14, 2018-Feb. 27, 2019.  

Students must complete a waiver once every academic year. Waivers completed in previous years will not carry over.

If students do not complete a new waiver for the spring 2019 semester, the charge will remain on their account and they will be enrolled in the student health insurance. Thus, if students fail to submit their waiver by the end of the day on Feb. 27, 2019, they will be required to pay the cost for student health insurance. This is non-negotiable.

Once the health insurance fee appears on students' accounts, they will have to wait three business days before they are able to submit their waiver. This is how long it takes for students' information to be sent to the health insurance carrier, USI Insurance Services. Once the carrier has the information, students will be recognized in the system as a UNLV student impacted by the mandatory health insurance policy and thereby able to submit a waiver. If students attempt to submit a waiver before three full business days, they will receive an error notice and the waiver will not process.

Once a waiver is approved, Student Cashiering will remove the health insurance from students' accounts between seven and 10 days.

Students who receive a denied waiver will be given a box that allows them to complete their appeal and submit it to the UNLV grad waiver inbox (insurancewaiver.grads@unlv.edu).

Questions regarding the waiver can be submitted to insurancewaiver.grads@unlv.edu.

More information, including the online waiver form, can be found here. 

Ellen Bolt