SOHA Newsletter - An Interview with Dr. Willy Bauer, by Caryll Dziedziak

Dr. Willy Bauer
Author: Caryll Dziedziak
Dec. 22, 2015

Southwest Oral History Association Newsletter — Winter 2015 — Issue 91

Page 4:

An Interview with Dr. Willy Bauer

by Caryll Batt Dziedziak

I recently had the chance to speak with my colleague, Dr. Willy Bauer, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Willy is of Wialacki and Concow heritage and grew up on the Round Valley Reservation in northern, CA. As an associate professor in UNLV’s History Department, Dr. Bauer offers classes on California Indian, American Indian, and American West history. He is also UNLV’s faculty liaison to the Newberry Library’s Consortium on American Indian Studies. Not long ago I learned that Dr. Bauer had been a past recipient of SOHA’s General Scholarship in 2001. I wanted to find out how the SOHA scholarship impacted his dissertation and how the use of oral history has grounded his research.​ ...

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