SOC 205 SLICES Students Present Their Community Driven Research Projects!

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Jun. 1, 2016

Service Learning Initiative for Community Engagement in Sociology (SLICES) would like to congratulation our community partners and the SOC 205 students for their amazing community based participatory research service learning projects!

  • Immigrants Justice Initiative, Asylum Project
  • UNLV Native Youth Outreach Coordinator and Las Vegas Sierra Club, Save Gold Butte Initiative Project (#SaveGoldButte)
  • UNLV Community Based Initiative, Power Analysis Project
  • Las Vegas Chapter of the National Association of 100 Black Women, Prison Pipeline Project

SLICES is an academically rigorous, cross-discipline, community based, leadership and knowledge project. Over a year to year and a half long in the program students learn about the experiences of different racial and ethnic groups by engaging in key sociological texts, scholarly and popular texts from the communities they are learning about, by partnering with local community organizations to complete a community based research project (CBPR), and by learning about and applying a social change model of leadership. 

UNLV students can participate in SLICES by taking SOC 205: Ethnic Groups in Contemporary Society and engaging in a community based participatory research (CBPR) project with our community partners. After taking the class, SLICES alumni can return as peer facilitators and serve as CBPR project managers. SLICES students and peer facilitators also have opportunities to participate in exciting opportunities such as grant writing, and professional presentations.

SLICES has partnered with the Leadership and Civic Engagement minor from Student Engagement and Diversity so that SLICES students can engage in leadership training courses.

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