SOA Featured in The Nature Conservancy

Feb. 27, 2019

The Nature Conservancy has posted an article about the work of UNLV School of Architecture students' on the impact trees have in parking lots at UNLV, a collaboration with The Nature Conservancy's Nevada Chapter.

In a semester-long studio class, UNLV Landscape Architecture students have set out to reimagine urban Las Vegas, and they are starting with the vast black asphalt parking lots blanketing the city. The effort is an innovative partnership between TNC’s Nevada Chapter, North America Cities, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), the Nevada Division of Forestry, and the University of Southern California (USC). Additional contributors to the project included Cecilia Schafler,  a local Las Vegas landscape architect, and Dak Kopec, Associate Professor at the UNLV School of Architecture.

Assistant Professor Phil Zawarus explains, "Bringing in a diverse group of professionals on projects will always produce a more comprehensive resolution to the many challenges we face in the urban environment. This partnership with allied professions benefits the project outcome itself, but because it involves the efforts of students, as well, it gives them ownership and confidence as future leaders in sustainable design regionally and nationally. That is one of the ultimate goals we are looking to achieve at UNLV.”

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

Read the full article here