Sense of the Senate: Hate Speech & Hate Acts

Nov. 13, 2018


Sense of the Senate: Denunciation of Hate Speech & Hate Acts


Whereasthe UNLV campus has in recent weeks suffered hate speech and hate acts by misguided or malevolent persons in these instances directed against students and faculty who are members of ethnic and racial minorities or underrepresented groups in American society;


Whereashate speech and hate acts, and comparable rhetoric and behaviors that promote intolerance and incite divisions in society, are not now nor ever have been conducive to promoting the mission of higher education;


We, the Faculty Senate of UNLV, denounce hate speech and hate acts on the UNLV campus.


Furthermore, we urge that faculty, and we hope all members of the UNLV community, speak out against hate acts and hate speech whenever and wherever witnessed to make clear to the persons responsible and all concerned that hate speech, acts, and comparable behaviors are not welcome in our campus community.



Passed unanimously November 13, 2018.