SEB Visitor Information Desk Established

Aug. 28, 2014

A new visitor information desk has been installed in the lobby of the Science and Engineering Building both to guide visitors as they enter the building and to regulate access to the building's upper floors.
Beginning Sept. 5, visitors requesting access to upper floors will check in at the new visitor information desk, located in the lobby next to Einstein Bros. on the first floor. The information desk personnel will check in the visitor, provide a visitor pass (guest Marlok card) for access, and then check the individual out when the person is finished. For occupants of the building who have Marlock cards, access to the upper floors will remain unchanged.
The change in access at the SEB is being implemented because of increasing incidents of vandalism, theft, and misuse of the faculty/staff resources on the second through fourth floors of the building. The SEB staff will work to ensure that access is managed efficiently with minimal inconvenience to those entering the building. It also is anticipated that the visitor information desk will be of assistance in helping new visitors find their way around the building.
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Eric Knight