SAY IT LOUD - Women in Architecture & Design in Nevada initiative, April 2020: Call for Participation

Dec. 6, 2019


The SAY IT LOUD exhibition will feature projects by women and diverse design professionals, as well as quotes and video interviews on their experiences in the architecture and design professions. The concept of this exhibit is "To see our faces, hear our voices, and feel our impact within the colorful tapestry of our heritage."
SAY IT LOUD is the activation of a national movement of sharing, protecting and celebrating the journey of the underrepresented to inspire the next generation.

SAY IT LOUD engages diverse audiences through programming organized at the time of exhibition to elevate the identities and contributions of women and diverse designers with curated lectures and documentaries that testify to the provided value of their built work and its spatial impact.

SAY IT LOUD will be displaying April 1st - 30th 2020 Nevada at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the Architectural Studies Library (ASL), School of Architecture.

We encourage you to submit your work but to also share the call for content with your network of women and diverse designers.

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