Safety Guidance for Operations

Jul. 1, 2020

Safety Guidance for Operations in Housing & Residential Life have been developed to outline safety measures and how to work with sick residents.

UNLV is taking the following steps to prepare:

  • Preparing employees with specialized training on increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all spaces with hospital grade disinfectant

  • Replacing air filters each quarter with high-quality (MERV-8) filter

  • Installation of plexiglass and/or glass barriers in all public-facing and transactional spaces

  • Installation of hand sanitizing dispensers in all entryways

  • Providing supplies of gloves and face coverings as needed

UNLV has modified its housing offering to limit rooms to singles and doubles only. Lease agreements include refunds during a forced closure, and students acknowledge their informed consent of the risks of living with others in dense housing situations. 

Testing and Quarantine

Individuals moving into housing will be advised to be tested for COVID-19. Testing locations can be found on the Nevada Health Response website or the Southern Nevada Health District website. Additionally, UNLV Medicine and the UNLV Student Health Center and the Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center offer viral testing.

Mandatory Quarantine Prior to Move-In

In accordance with CDC guidelines, any student who has traveled internationally will self-quarantine, which will be coordinated through Campus Life. Contact Campus Life for information about quarantine before moving on campus.

Health-Related Accommodations

Campus Life continues to work with the Disability Resource Center regarding appropriate health-related conditions that would result in housing accommodations (i.e., immune-suppressed/compromised) and with developing such accommodations. Contact Campus Life to request accommodations.