Safe Lifting

Sep. 2, 2020


COVID-19 has introduced many challenges for UNLV. Not the least of which, is ensuring that space exists for social distancing. Quite often, this requires the moving and storage of equipment and furniture items to obtain the required 6-foot clearance. Delivery Services are available to perform this service for you. To obtain their assistance, please complete the request form at the following link to provide information about the move and send to them.

There may be occasions however, where departments may be capable of completing this action on their own. Prior to doing so, department staff are invited to take the Back Safety Training course in Vault (link below) and review the Safe Lifting Tips attached.

Through your assistance, we can keep our employees and students safe while we face and overcome the challenges produced by COVID-19. Please contact RMS at (702) 895-4226 with any questions or concerns about safe lifting.