Research Video: A Message from Vice President for Research Tom Piechota

Apr. 11, 2016

We at the Division of Research and Economic Development are pleased to share a video produced for use by the entire campus to promote the value of research. 

We wanted to create something that is accessible and memorable to help our community better understand why UNLV is so committed to research, so we created this short video. 

The research that takes place at UNLV is well worth celebrating. Our research finds solutions to real-world problems, addresses community issues, and helps build the local economy. It also helps our students obtain the sophisticated skills they need to succeed in academia and the workforce. Our research truly makes a difference, and we hope that this video helps our community better grasp the impact of the great work our university does. 

I encourage everyone to share this video widely. It is available online on the UNLV research homepage, is posted on UNLV's social media, and is being aired on UNLV-TV

Help us spread the word!