Research Activity Data Demonstrate Significant Strides in the Areas of Technology Transfer, IRB Protocols, and Grant Proposals

Feb. 5, 2016

UNLV’s technology transfer activity continues to show significant increases, according to the midyear report from the Division of Research and Economic Development. Revenue generated from licensing agreements has more than tripled to more than $143,000 this year compared to the same period last year. Cumulative research disclosures received thus far in FY16 increased to 33, as opposed to 16 in the first half of FY15.

The UNLV Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has played a critical role in recent business growth within Southern Nevada. In the first two quarters of FY16 alone, the cumulative number of new businesses started with help of the SBDC has increased to 10, creating 134 new jobs in the region.

The cumulative number of social behavioral and biomedical Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols submitted and approved thus far in FY16 increased dramatically. Submissions increased by 28 percent, while approvals increased by 46 percent. This is due in part to UNLV’s new online submission system, IRBNet, which streamlines the process.

The number of sponsored programs proposals submitted has increased for FY16 and the fiscal year overall thus far. Awards have held steady at roughly $32 million, mirroring FY15’s numbers at the end of its second quarter. UNLV is already 4 percent ahead of FY15’s second-quarter numbers for recovered facilities and administrative costs. However, overall research expenditures dropped 4 percent during for the first half of FY16.