Regents Approve Restoration of Base Pay for Faculty and Staff

Jun. 7, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The highest priority for UNLV and for NSHE in the legislative session which just concluded was the restoration of base pay for faculty and staff. As we are all aware, pay has been subject to both a 2.5% pay cut and an unpaid furlough of 2.3% for the past two years; and cost-of-living, longevity pay, merit pay adjustments and step increases have been frozen for four years. 

I'm writing therefore to report that yesterday the Board of Regents, consistent with legislative action, took several actions concerning pay for the coming biennium. All these measures are subject to gubernatorial approval of the legislature's action.

First, the Regents authorized the end of the 2.5% pay cut and thus the restoration of base pay for all faculty and staff, effective July 1, 2013.

The Regents also authorized the restoration for 2014-2015 of merit pay for academic and administrative faculty and step increases for state classified workers. The Provost and I plan to work this summer and fall with the cabinet, the deans, the Faculty Senate and other representative faculty and staff bodies to develop a campus approach to implementing merit pay in contract year 2014-2015.

Regrettably, the legislature and Regents also approved a continuation of the 2.3% furlough for the coming biennium. (The Board exempted from the furlough those academic and administrative faculty whose positions are funded 90% or greater by external grants or contracts.) For state classified workers, the legislature did not restore longevity pay for the coming biennium.

Human Resources will provide additional details shortly on how these actions will impact faculty and staff, and the Provost's office will communicate, through deans, on provisions specific to academic faculty. The Office of the Vice President for Research will contact directly those faculty whose positions are 90% grant-funded and exempt from the furlough. 

Pay will also be impacted by the legislature's increase in employer and employee contributions to retirement accounts to 13.25% of salary.

This news represents an important step forward, although it falls short of our overall goal. With the other NSHE presidents, I have requested the Chancellor propose the Regents adopt the end of the furlough as the Sytem's top priority for the next legislative session.

We will be providing additional news concerning our efforts to amerliorate health care coverage and our retirement plan next week, once the actions of the legislature and Regents have been analyzed fully.

Neal J. Smatresk

Summary Implementation Procedures for Salary Restoration/Unpaid Leave Continuation (FY14 and FY15)
Provided by UNLV's Office of Human Resources