Rebel Racers Among Top in the Nation

Team picture after design presentation.
Aug. 9, 2018


UNLV racing team goes head to head with 209 universities in 44-day competition.

It is no secret that our engineering students are equipped with many talents—burning rubber is just one of them.

In June, the UNLV Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) completed a 44-day competition in which they went against 209 universities across the nation and various international institutions. The Baja SAE competition is designed to challenge students to build an off-road vehicle that can endure harsh weather conditions and rugged terrain. The single-seat vehicle must also be reliable, maintainable, ergonomic, and economic.

The team competed in three separate events across the country where their skills and efficiency as a team were tested. Last year, the team encountered tornadoes and thunderstorms as well as a mishap with a different vehicle. Despite the obstacles, the team excelled in the endurance race, placing 5th in California, 11th in Kansas, and 34th in Illinois.

Luck followed the team this year as they placed 14th overall and 3rd amongst West Coast Universities. They also placed 14th in maneuverability in Kansas and 5th in sales and endurance in Oregon.

Still, the team is determined to break the top ten next year as they continue to exceed expectations.

This article was written by undergraduate English student, Jocelyn Silva.