Rates for Police Services at University Events for Fiscal Year 2018

Mar. 6, 2017

Service rates for the providing of police services at university events have been established for fiscal year 2018.

Police rates for Fiscal Year 2018, which can also be found on the special events fees section of the Police Services website, are as follows:

  • Lieutenant: $84 per hour

  • Sergeant/Detective/K-9: $77 per hour

  • Police Officer (With Vehicle as Needed): $68 per hour

  • Reserve Officer: $39 per hour

  • Dispatcher/Intake Technician: $57 per hour

  • Student Security: $21 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: Incidental/consumable supplies in addition to the officers' services may be needed at events in order to provide services in a safe manner to both the campus and public. These items include, but are not limited to: wands, vests, flares, rope cuffs, etc., which will be invoiced at cost and will be detailed out separately.