Rachelle Fraser Retires After 17-Year Career

Jun. 11, 2020


Rachelle Fraser has witnessed multiple changes and growth during her 17 years at UNLV Dental Medicine, most notably how many members of the community want to become patients.

“I started working in the emergency area’s appointment desk when the school first opened during 2002,” Rachelle said.” It was quiet back then—we only saw a handful of patients. But now, I think the number of people coming to us for care is amazing.”

During her tenure, Rachelle worked in the ER for about a year and then transferred to Team II as a scheduler. She was promoted to coordinator and enjoyed the interactions with students and faculty dentists. After nearly seven years, she transferred to the screening clinic and would eventually be responsible for covering treatment planning.

“I have lots of favorite moments and good memories,” she said. “Too many to count. I am also proud of how many people we serve in our Saturday Morning Community Clinics. I’ve met and worked with lots of really great people, and made some lasting friendships. Although I’m looking forward to retirement, I am going to miss seeing my friends every day during the week.”

Rachelle officially retired June 15, is spending as much time as possible with her grandchildren in Nevada, and is eager to hold her newest grandbaby when she visits Maine.