Provost Fellow for Mentoring and Faculty Development Announced

Jan. 15, 2014

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost is pleased to announce that Dr. Cecilia Maldonado, Associate Professor of Workforce Development, has been selected for the position of Provost Fellow for Mentoring and Faculty Development. 

Dr. Maldonado has been an active member of the UNLV community and is generally drawn to work that is geared at improving the organizational climate of the campus. She has volunteered on committees that focus on the development of people, such as the Consortium for Faculty Professional Opportunities, where she developed and delivered workshops and for-credit seminars for graduate students aimed at improving their teaching skills.

As the Provost Fellow, Dr. Maldonado will continue the work of Drs. Marta Meana and Liam Frink, who were responsible for the initial design and implementation of the mentoring program. She will also support other faculty and leadership initiatives. Dr. Maldonado began her fellowship on January 6, 2014 and will continue through the end of the calendar year. This schedule ensures that new faculty hired in 2014 and other faculty in general, will have the needed support to ensure a successful career at UNLV. We would like to thank Dr. Rainier Spencer, then Senior Advisor to the President, for stepping in last summer and fall during this transition to monitor and support the mentoring program. We appreciate your commitment to UNLV faculty.

Dr. Maldonado states, "Commitment to a mentoring program at UNLV is probably one of the single most important initiatives at UNLV. It is a way to demonstrate the organizational commitment to our talent. People who feel valued and have opportunities to be developed are often happy and productive employees and contribute the to the success of our institution. I look forward to working collaboratively with new and established faculty members, as well as with colleges and departments across campus. I’m excited about the possibilities and thrilled to have been selected to work on this initiative!”

Dr. Maldonado holds B.A.s in Industrial Management and Elementary Education, an M.S. in Technical Education from The University of Akron, and a Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Maldonado has been at UNLV since 2000, having served as Faculty Senate Chair in 2010-2011 and Faculty Senate executive committee from 2009-2012. She was recently program and graduate coordinator for the Ph.D. in Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership.

Dr. Maldonado can be reached by email at or by phone at 895-3410. Her office will be located in FDH 420.