Provost Awards Small Grants for Research-based Course Redesign

Sep. 28, 2015

I am pleased to announce the following faculty and instructors who will receive a small award of research funds for their participation in a project that has an important role in our Retention, Progression, Completion efforts. The Research-based Course Redesign Project applies recent research on students’ learning to the redesign of course syllabi, assignments, activities and projects in large gateway courses. Similar programs at other universities have yielded higher retention and graduation rates, higher teacher evaluation mean scores, improved student achievement and decreases in the rate of students who do not succeed because they drop, fail or withdraw from a course.*

All recipients were nominated by deans and department chairs who worked to identify members of our UNLV teaching community with the expertise and authority to revise essential gateway courses that have a significant impact on UNLV students’ success.

The following faculty and instructors will receive the research funds after completing their participation in the project:

  • Joshua Bonde, College of Sciences
  • Grzregorz Chmaj, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
  • Anthony Gatling, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
  • Timothy Jones, College of Fine Arts
  • Joseph Morgan, College of Education
  • William Ramsey, College of Liberal Arts
  • Tony Terrell, School of Allied Health Sciences
  • Monica Sheng Wang, Lee Business School

Please join me in congratulating them and thanking them for their commitment to UNLV students’ increased success, and in thanking the faculty/staff team that supports this project:

  • Melissa Bowles-Terry
  • Dan Gianoutsos
  • Sunny Gittens
  • Laurel Pritchard
  • Mary-Ann Winkelmes.

For further information or questions, contact Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Coordinator of Instructional Development and Research.


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