Professor Researches Workplace Incivility

Dr. Lori Candela
Dec. 6, 2011

Lori Candela, chair of the psychosocial nursing department, is developing research on workplace incivility among nurses, a phenomenon often referred to as workplace bullying. Researchers believe that the stress and hectic pace of nursing can lead to violence occurring between nurses. Nurses also often are physically abused by patients who are violent, in an altered mental state, or culturally taught to treat nurses unprofessionally.

“We are trying to prevent anything that’s scary, bad, unacceptable or unpleasant because this is the type of abuse that can adversely affect patient outcomes,” Candela said. “There has to be a mechanism of reporting these incidents without retribution.”

If nurses feel intimidated or threatened in their workplace, it can lead to job dissatisfaction, turnover and an environment that could ultimately affect quality patient care.

In February, Candela will begin working with nursing unit managers at Mountain View Hospital. Twenty nurses will be trained to deal with stressful situations and learn to manage their own reactions. Eventually, Candela hopes to expand the training through an online module. She also aspires to incorporate the training into the nursing curriculum using simulation technology.