Professor Melvin Jameson Encourages EMBA Students to Think Globally

Melvin Jameson, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, EMBA 716 International Business
Nov. 22, 2016

Melvin Jameson, Ph.D. sees a need in business and society for experienced mid-level and senior executives who understand the complexities and nuances of doing business on the global stage. That’s why he is particularly energized by the exchange of ideas during lively classroom discussions in his EMBA 716 International Business class.

The International Business course gives EMBA cohort members the opportunity to throw away the proverbial “box,” encouraging them to move beyond pre-conceived notions of how things should be done.

With a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of international business, the course is co-taught by Dr. Jameson whose focus is economics and finance and Dr. Alexander Nill who addresses marketing and management.

Charged with introducing a new product or service to a non-US market, cohorts work through the problems and opportunities of business in a global context by examining such factors as international economic, institutional, cultural and legal differences. Then, they are tasked with analyzing the impact of those factors on business decisions related to such areas as product design, production, marketing, human resources, investment analysis, financial strategy and risk management.

Joining the UNLV faculty in 1989, and having taught within the EMBA program almost since its inception, Jameson has been witness to many UNLV firsts, including recognition of the UNLV EMBA as a Tier One Top Business School by CEO Magazine in early 2016. “The quality of the program is very strong and will only continue to get better,” he said.

Jameson is a driving force behind the globalization of the business school. As Director of International Initiatives since 2009, Jameson develops and expands opportunities for international involvement for UNLV Lee Business School students and faculty. Among his numerous activities to promote UNLV on the global stage, Jameson represents UNLV with the Rocky Mountain Center for International Business Education and Research Network, a network of universities dedicated to building international business programs and increasing global research capabilities. During his time with the university, Jameson has held numerous influential appointments including serving as Associate Dean of the UNLV Lee Business School from 2003-2009 and as Finance Department Chair from 1993-1995.

Recognized for his academic research, Jameson’s focus is on the comparative structure and functioning of financial markets throughout the world with an emphasis on Asian economies. These include papers on structure of boards in India (J Corporate Finance; 2014), special economic zones in China (J Economic Policy Reform; 2012), performance of Keiretsu firms in Japan (Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies; 2000) and Korean monetary aggregates (International Review of Comparative Public Policy; 1996). His research has appeared in such prestigious academic journals as Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics and Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Jameson holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT. He was awarded an MA in statistics and his Ph.D. in Economics from University of California, Berkeley.