Political Science Professor, Colleagues Receive Collaborative $1 Million Grant from National Science Foundation

Woman professor smiling


Sep. 1, 2019


Rebecca Gill, along with colleagues Stella Rouse (University of Maryland College Park), Libby Sharrow (University of Massachusetts Amherst), and Nadia Brown (Purdue University), has been awarded a collaborative grant totaling $1,000,794 from the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE program.

The project, called “#MeTooPoliSci Leveraging A Professional Association to Address Sexual Harassment in Political Science,” capitalizes on the power that professional associations have to model, facilitate, and incentivize change in the climate and culture of the disciplines they serve through a substantial partnership with the American Political Science Association.

The #MeTooPoliSci Project will support the wider adaptation of empirically tested interventions such as department climate studies, upstanding bystander training, department-level facilitated dialogues, and policy changes that support an improved climate.

The project has the potential to reach across the entire discipline into the 125 Ph.D.-granting departments and approximately 1,125 departments of political science that grant bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This discipline-wide approach is national in scope, and the program will be shared with other disciplines as a model for other professional organizations.