Phase 2 Protocol Reminders

Jun. 16, 2020


Please remember that following Phase 2 protocols will enable us to begin our planned Phase 3 reopening on June 29. We are on track to catch up on all the curriculum by this fall. However, if we are unable to start Phase 3, we put into jeopardy the curriculum and clinic operations. To avoid any setbacks, we need everyone’s help. 

  • Please read the Google Drive (labeled “UNLV Dental Medicine COVID-19 Update Page”) at least twice each week to review updates and protocol details. Some personnel and students said they were unaware of the mandatory PPE protocols and training. This was first noted May 5 and detailed May 19. 
  • Everyone must be screened upon entering a building. If screening personnel are not present at your designated entrance, please exit the building, walk to the faculty/staff entrance of Building A, and go to the ER/OS. Avoid walking through buildings until you complete the screening process.
  • Everyone must wear a face mask while in our buildings, and the appropriate PPE in the clinics.
  • Students are allowed in the buildings during practice or session times only. Those with scheduled morning and afternoon sessions are required to leave the building after the first session and check-in again for the second. Remember to avoid congregating in the halls. Changes are being made for more flexibility in Phase 3. 
  • Faculty, staff, students, and residents must park in designated spaces only. The lot behind Building D is for patients until construction on the eastern lot concludes.

Following these protocols are vital to our Phase 3 reopening. We must work together for the wellbeing of our all faculty, staff, students, residents, and patients.