Our Spring 2014 graduating class is poised for greatness

Our Spring Medallion Ceremony took place at the Stan Fulton Building on May 16, 2014.
Jun. 12, 2014

May 16, 2014 was bittersweet for us here in the Honors College. With pride, joy, and a few shed tears, we said “farewell” to an outstanding group of 45 students-turned-alumni. This crew accomplished some amazing things while in the Honors College. Here’s just a sampling of the collective achievements of our 2014 graduating class:

  • Awards: They earned a Fulbright Scholarship, a Gilman Scholarship, NIH, NSF, INBRE and Epscor grants, the Outstanding Organic Chemistry student award, several Calvert Awards for Undergraduate Research, and an Honorable Mention in the Goldwater compeutition.
  • STEM Research: They explored bryophilic dessication tolerance (a mouthful!), proteins in the Genomics core, microbial ecology and dozens of other projects in computational chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. They investigated Alkali-activated natural pozzolans and looked into water conservation and water use on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Humanities Projects: They produced scholarly works on Proust, the theory and practice of translation, Brazil’s executive-legislative relationship, transgender discourses in the media, and services for the disabled population at UNLV.
  • Artistic Works: They composed duets and staged theatre productions. They performed at the Hard Rock and House of Blues and worked with the UNLV Chamber Chorale.
  • Community Engagement: One student founded Photos for Wishes, a project that raises money for charities through photography, while another served as Commander of the UNLV Air Force ROTC and Honor Guard.  Another interned with Senator Harry Reid’s office and still another at the White House with Vice President Biden. Many were officers in professional organizations.
  • Study Abroad: They studied abroad in Jamaica, Italy, France, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Korea and Uzbekistan.
  • Extreme Obstacle Course? – yeah, that too: One of these graduating seniors even joined 30 other Honors College students for the Tough Mudder. This is an extreme, military-style obstacle course through freezing water, dangling electrical wires, 12-foot walls, and pits of mud. Couple this with the mental grit required to graduate with Honors, and you get one truly audacious graduate.

We are so proud to see this group on their way to prestigious graduate programs and careers. And we know many more Honors students will follow in their footsteps . . .