OSP Seeks Successful Grant Proposals for Repository To Help Guide UNLV Faculty Seeking Funding

Jul. 9, 2014

The Office of Sponsored Programs is asking faculty to share their successful grant proposals in a soon-to-be created repository that will be used to help guide others in proposal development.

OSP, which will create and maintain the repository, will be seeking principal investigators who are willing to share their successful proposals in order to help others.  The goal is to provide examples of effective proposals to members of the UNLV community who want to better understand what various agencies expect.

If you are interested in having your funded proposal included in the repository, please contact Proposal Development Manager Carol Brodie, who will be managing the resource. Prospective users of the repository must be members of the campus community.

“The proposal repository will be especially helpful to early career faculty, but may also prove beneficial to more experienced faculty seeking assistance with particular funding agencies and/or opportunities,” said Executive Director of Sponsored Programs David Paul. “Our expectation is that having access to successful samples will lead to improved success of future proposals and raise UNLV’s research profile.”

The proposal repository will be maintained on a secure drive, and proposal authors will have the opportunity to redact any proprietary information. Brodie and Paul hope to include samples of proposals funded by all the major agencies.

For additional information, contact Carol Brodie at [email protected] or 702-895-1328.