New state COVID-19 contact tracing app now available

Sep. 2, 2020


Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) now offers COVID Trace, a digital contact tracing app designed to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

COVID Trace is available for download for both iOS and Android phones.

COVID Trace is a Bluetooth-based exposure notification system and contact tracing app that state health and Nevada System of Higher Education officials strongly recommend everyone use to help our community flatten the curve.

To use COVID Trace, a user will download the free app and opt-in to the Exposure Notification System. That system will generate a random ID for each user’s device. To help ensure those IDs can’t be used to identify a person or location, they change every 10-20 minutes. The user’s phone periodically checks all the random IDs associated with positive COVID-19 cases against its own list. If there is a match, the app will notify the user with further instructions from DHHS on what to do next to stay safe and keep others safe.

Please note that this new app does not replace UNLV’s COVID-19 Assessment Tool within the RebelSAFE app. Everyone should use the assessment tool daily to gauge their health and identify symptoms.

For more information visit the COVID Trace website.